A native of Upper East Tennessee, Larry VerRan has held a deep appreciation for and interest in visual arts since early childhood. Over the years, he developed his self-taught painting skills through the use of acrylic and oils expressing his creativity and ideas on canvas, stone, wood, etc.

Around 2005, he became captivated by stained glass art. It quickly became his passion and his hobby-of-choice.

He prefers the copper foil method of art glass and creates panels of various sizes and themes, ranging from contemporary, modern, abstract, and ecclesiastical desing, and the very simple, yet creative sun-catchers.

VerRan explains, “I enjoy the diversity that stained glass offers to an artist. It seems every project I create evolves through a series of new challenges and objectives. Many times, my finished product appears somewhat different from my original drawing, due to design change that I incorporate at some point during the process.

All of VerRan’s major works are developed from his original layouts, many of which involve several hours of work with a paper and pen at the drawing board before the first piece of glass is cut.

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works.
If from the head, almost nothing.”
-March Chagall

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