Ken first became aware that he could “sketch animals pretty well” when his 4th grade teacher asked if she could frame his pencil drawing of a deer and hang it in her home. Years later while home-bound recovering from meningitis, it was another woman who encouraged him to try oil painting. In college, he took art courses for enjoyment and to boost his grade point average. And finally it was his wife, who just before retirement bought him an easel and paints to get him started on a retirement hobby.
“I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and always had a special affinity for animals. A career in Aviation and missions allowed me to live, work and travel in many areas of the world. Photography was my hobby long before painting replaced it, but the one compliments the other. And both require an artist’s view of the world. My approach to art is this: our world of nature is beautiful and I probably can’t improve on it. But I can depict its beauty in two dimensions on canvass with paint. I work in watercolor, pastels and oils. My favorite media is oils. My style is photo realism and my favorite subject is still animals.”
Ken has been retired for the past twenty years and painting is his favorite use of time and talent.

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Co-op Member Since: 2010

Location: Elizabethton, TN

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