Jim Cook, having recently moved from Northeast PA to Northeast TN and being semi-retired from a paint contracting business, now has more time for travel and photography. His body of work ranges from surreal to the more traditional scenes of landscapes and the everyday scenes of life.

Cook says, “My photography has its roots going back to my experiences with infrared film. It’s there that I saw how an image could be manipulated to something much different than what was first seen. When digital came along it was an easy move to software and all the possibilities that were and are now possible with their use. Still the initial composition in camera is still paramount – but once the shutter is closed and image transferred to computer I can turn my imagination loose and enhance or create something entirely new.”

His education in photography consists of a couple of continuing education courses from a local university. From there, he joined a photo club where most of his education took place through trial and error.

“I used to say that I was self-taught, but to say that would be to not acknowledge friends and peers who have influenced, guided, been honest in their critiques of my work. I am a composite of all that experience and now bring my own talents, skill and vision to that mix.”

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Co-op Member Since: 2017

Location: Northeast TN

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