a-work-of-art-gallery-gifts-downtown-bristol-deb-slaughterDeb Slaughter began painting earlier this year. A long time worrier, Deb states that any talent she has was given to her by God to keep her mind occupied with painting, thereby diminishing worry.  Deb has no art related education, but states she has a long-time artist friend and mentor who has answered endless questions and helped her tremendously by offering suggestions and critiquing her art.  Deb lives in Bristol with her #1 fan and husband of 42 years, Jim.

In regards to her art Deb says, “I think about painting other things, I even think I’m going to, but when I sit down to actually paint ‘He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me’ and that’s what I end up painting: sweet peace and quiet….and solitude. I like to paint the world less rushed, more simple, at a slowed pace….as in days gone by. “Be still and know that I am God”. That’s what I want people to see and feel when they look at my paintings. I want them to know that He is there in the simple, the calm, and the quiet…..and that sometimes we have to disconnect from the busyness of life so we can hear His “still small voice”.

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Co-op Member Since: 2016

Location: Bristol, TN

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