Art was a way of life at an early age for David Kramer, from drawing on the bedroom walls at age six, to sketching the wonders of Europe while in the U.S. Navy. This way of life continued through college and into a full-time job in the commercial art field for 33 years working for various toy companies or IBM, Honeywell, Dairy Queen, Happy Chef, and various industrial manufacturers.

Most of David Kramer’s career has been spent creating pre-paid art for corporations, bringing to life their message through good design and color scheme. He looks back on his experience as “the wonderful learning years”, evolving now into a self-expressive stage of personal art.

“My gallery is the table tent cards at your Dairy Queen announcing the latest stuffed animal, or the pages of product catalogs, and the ads in a magazine; plus, I’m the guy that drew the instruction manual for that toy you have to put together at Christmas. These are my showplaces, my galleries, my exhibitions. No tougher jury can be found when you ask for thousands of dollars from a corporation to pay for that cute stuffed animal design you created. All these life and learning experiences are brought to my fine art for you to enjoy, explore, and ponder – all the while knowing that I have touched that part of you, whether kid or kin’.”

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Co-op Member Since: 2015

Location: Elizabethton, TN

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